Site Promotion – How To ‘Really’ Advertise Your Website Effectively!

You have put all your time and effort into your website creation and now it is done and you can forget it, other than an occasional update, right? Well, are you sure it’s done? One thing that we are seeing more and more people forget to incorporate on websites these days is a counter.

What good does it do to have a site and then not have a way to see how many people actually took the time to stop by and visit it?

Counters, in our opinion, need to be placed during website creation. It not only tells you how many visitors have been there, it lets the visitors know that they have found a popular site.

Okay dummy!

So what’s the big deal, you ask? Think into the future. Let’s say that one-day you tire of the whole web thing and decide to go live as a monk in Tibet. The higher the traffic counts on your site, the better the chance that the domain name can be sold rather than just slip into obscurity.

Yes, you read that right. Your website creation can actually be sold down the line rather than abandoned. And it’s certainly easier to sell a high number site than a low numbered one.

It’s all a numbers game

Other things to remember that make a counter important. There are companies out there that actually pay to advertise on sites with high traffic to promote their business. That means that while you are doing it, your website creation can make you money.

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