Loans For Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs are some of the most ambitious, adventurous people in our society. Without the people willing take a risk our society would not be where it is today. With the economic climate as shaky as it is in our current state some small business owners are looking at loans for business expenses, equipment, advertising and other business related expenses. Growth in these times is often difficult without the backing of some type of financial source. Financing these days come from many sources traditional and non-traditional.

First let us look at a loan for small business owners specifically. The SBA express loan was launched to offer small businesses a chance at a loan backed by the SBA with little hassle in regards to application. Qualified applicants can obtain a loan for up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and are guaranteed to receive a decision within thirty-six hours. The SBA express loan alleviates small business owners from having to go through all of the paperwork that is originally identified with the standard SBA loan.

Next small business owners should look into their local community banks for financial backing. Although the options in financing may not be as varied as a financial giant smaller community banks offer something large lending institutions cannot and that is their flexibility in dealing with entrepreneurs. This is something very valuable when owners are looking into financial backing options.

An asset backed borrowing option can be the right choice for some. This is a way to reduce the risk that entrepreneurs present to financial institutions. Offering up assets as backing to loans can often help to decrease the credit-risk premium. If this is the only way to go don’t be discouraged, asset backed loans don’t narrow the terms of the loan. That is not the case at all. Assets can be anywhere from a home-equity line of credit to a SBA loan backed by a child’s college savings account. Pricier options entail loans linked to company’s receivable or contracts billed.

A cosigner is another option for small business owners needing financial backing but not able to obtain financing on their own. A co-signer is needed when the history of the applicant, in this case the small business owners, has a lacking credit history. This is a tricky situation for new business owners to get themselves in because the co-signer then becomes liable for the payments on the business loan if the owner defaults. With new businesses the statistics for success are not weighted in their favor so this is a risky option for a close relationship. It is best to look outside of this option until it is apparent that all other options have been exhausted.

Loans for equipment, startup and growth amongst other things are all incredibly important reasons for a small business owner to be looking for capital funding. It is important that as a society we look at small businesses within our communities and support them financially with our business to help them succeed. With their success comes growth for communities, local and state governments not to mention national growth. With the economic stupor society is in today it is important that people willing to take risks involved with business ownership are rewarded with business.

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