A Successful Home Based Business – A 3×3 System to Help You Determine What is a Successful Home Base

A successful home based business opportunity is contingent on a lot of criteria. This article will make three points which you should consider when deciding on a home based business opportunity that you feel is successful and you desire to have success with.Point #1: Is the home based business a network marketing, MLM or multilevel marketing business opportunity. If so here are three questions you need to ask of the company and the person who will sponsor you.1. Has the company been in existence more than 2 years or ideally more than 5?
2. Are the products consumable and are they a product that is trending to the future?
3. What level of success has my sponsor had and is he/she a good mentor that will help me achieve my goals?If you don’t get satisfactory answers to these questions…move on.Point #2: Is the home based business a franchise opportunity which can be a home based business opportunity in some cases because not all franchise business opportunities require store-fronts. Here are three questions to ask the franchisor.1. Will you be allowed to interview other franchise owners?
2. Will you be given a protected territory and how is the territory determined?
3. What are the franchise fees that I must pay every month or year and how do those franchise fees benefit me in terms of services I will receive in return?Again, if you don’t like the answers to these questions…move on.Point #3: This is probably the most important point which is why I saved it for last. You have to have a passion and a ‘Y’ for whatever home based business opportunity you decide to get into. You can make money with so many mlm, network marketing, multilevel marketing, franchise, and other home based businesses but here are three questions I suggest you ask yourself.1. Will I be excited to ‘go to work’ at or with the opportunity?
2. Am I in it strictly for the money or am I in it because I have a story I want to tell when I reach my goals?
3. Is my ‘Y’ big enough and is the business opportunity I select going to help me answer my ‘Y’?Remember, if you have a strong desire to succeed (a ‘Y’) which may be that you want to live a stress free retirement, or you want to fund a college education for a child or children or whatever your ‘Y’ is…that has to be the foundation for you selecting a home based business. Once you’ve selected what home based business will be your vehicle to solving your ‘Y’ question, then worry about making it profitable through educating yourself.

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